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Markus Wormstorm, the self-alleged love child of Autechre and Miriam Makeba, first tunneled out from under the ground in Pretoria, South Africa. He started making electronic music and staging short plays at the age of 15. At 18, he moved to Cape Town, dropped out of college, and sold his first song to African Dope Records for 5,000 Rand. Markus promptly blew the advance on a CD burner to press up 100 copies of his first solo album Rachel the Bear, one of which found its way to Brooklyn, and into the astonished and happy hands of Sound-Ink. We were compelled to cull the most uptempo of Markus' tracks - which could be described as IDM with more attention to swing, and without the headscratching - for release as The Wormstorm EP, on vinyl in 2003.

The digital release of the full-length followed in 2006. Rachel the Bear comprises some of the most gorgeous electronic music we have heard in a long time. Melodies are composed from the sound of swerving cars and the thumb piano; swinging beats and ambience evoke a colony of dying robots living in the jungle, so the robots have learned to speak with the insects, and vice versa. Both solo releases are available digitally on iTunes and eMusic.

Meantime, Markus has also released The Constructus Corp. - a concept-rap collabo with artist and MC Waddy Tudor Jones and South African DJ champ DJ Sibot), and The Real Estate Agents - an instrumental electronic album with Sibot. In 2006, Markus co-wrote the animated film The Tale of How as part of The Black Heart Gang with his cousin Jannes and childhood friend Ree, for which they received critical acclaim internationally, including accolades such as Best International Film at the Bradford Animation Festival Awards in the UK, and the Canal + Prix Award at the Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival in France.

Markus is currently composing more music for TV, Film, and animation, as well as working on the new Sweat,X! project - a smart get-crunk outfit with Ndbele prince MC Spoek Mathambo.

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